Kitchen Design Trends for 2013

If you decided it was time for you to refresh the look of your kitchen, most probably you are looking forkitchen design trends for 2013. There are several trends for you to choose from so opt for whichever feels more suitable for your home.

Kitchen Design Trends for 2013


White cabinets

Last year it was trendy to have painted cabinets, but this year you should go for the purity of white cabinets. It is even better if you have an all-white kitchen including white countertops, white chairs, white appliances, and even white or bright colored walls.

Satin nickel

Believe it or not, the faucet is also important regarding the trends for 2013 for kitchen designs. When it comes to the finishes, you should think about satin nickel. Another trend that you could follow includes oil-rubbed bronze or bronze finishes.

Dark finishes

Although having bright finishes regarding the kitchen design trends for 2013 is a big hit, you could also think about darker finishes. If you like this trend, you have to make sure that your kitchen is well-lit and that it won’t look too dark even if you choose to have dark finishes.

Glass backsplash

When it comes to the 2013 trends for kitchen designs keep in mind that it is a good idea to use a lot of glass. The use of natural stone is also popular. If you prefer the porcelain or ceramic tiles, they are another option that is trendy this year.

Led lights

If you would like to shed some light in your life regarding the kitchen design trends for 2013, LED lights offer a modern touch to the kitchens while being energy efficient. There are a lot of special designs that you can create using lights of this kind so you should let your creativity flow freely.

Touch activated faucets

You know the feeling when you have your hands full with vegetables? In case you are interested in the 2013 trends for kitchen design think about the faucets that you only have to touch to work. You will never have problems with having your hands full and not being able to use the faucet ever again.

Although you will find some of the kitchen design trends for 2013 useful, others may seem completely useless. Adopt the ones that you think are worth the effort and that you think are suitable for your home.


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