Azzura – Simple Bathroom Lines But …Oh…So Fabulous

The more simple the better – this seems to be Azzura designers’ motto for their bathroom lines. But not only simplicity, also a sense of elegance and style is what you will notice while looking at these fabulous pieces. Not to mention the incredible comfort one will experience once they get to try the pieces in their own home.

From sinks to cabinets, tubs, toilets and bidets, the very popular company offers you all you need in order to make your bathroom times comfortable and relaxing. The main materials used are ceramic and wood, occasionally mixed with straw knits, which give a homey and also exotic feel.

The style they go for is a dense mixture of function and fashion, the objects are rather large, their shapes are very precise, the classic round and oval is successfully replaced with modern squares and rectangles (making the pieces very easy to match) and any useless detail is taken out.

In matter of colors, you will find various nuances of brown and a lot of white, which makes it very simple to match with your bathroom’s finishing and also very pleasant and stylish to be around. You will guess the prices are well matching the quality of the product but Azzura choice is one of a lifetime.

Source: homedit


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