Know The Lingo When You’re Decorating Your Windows

window decorationDecorating your windows is a central factor in the interior design of your home.

They can really pull a particular look together or they can call unwanted attention to flaws outside your home.

Know some of the terms that decorators use when they are discussing window treatments.

  • Apron: This is the piece of wood trim that is below the window.
  • Austrian Shade: Also known as the Austrian Valance or the Austrian Pouf, this is a shade made of fabric that from the bottom draws up permanent scallops that are shirred.
  • Blackout Shade or Drapery: This is a fabric that is opaque and heavy so as to darken the room.
  • Café Curtains: This is a curtain that will cover just the bottom part of the window.
  • Casing: Also referred to as a frame- the frame of wood that goes around the window.
  • Country Curtains: Country curtains have ruffled ties, bottom and sides and can be shirred to as much as five times its fullness.
  • Custom Made Draperies: An expensive option for a window treatment. This means that the window drapes were customized either in the shop of the decorator or a workroom.
  • Draperies: Fabric that is pleated and is made to be open and closed
  • Energy Efficient: This refers to window treatments that reduce energy needs such as keeping out the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter. [Energy efficient home]
  • Holdback: These are rods made of metal that hold back your drapes with decorative medallions. They can also be substituted for scarf holders.
  • Panel: A half of a pair of curtains or drapes.
  • Sheers: Fabric that is either translucent or transparent and is used to go over or under draperies.

Window treatments can also include shutters or blinds. Decide if you want your window treatment to be a focal part of the room or if you want it to blend in with the rest of the décor and complement the interior design.

You will also need to know how to properly measure no matter what type of window treatment you choose.

When you go to the store you will be faced with a number of options as to size and you want to be sure that you purchase the correct length for your window treatments. Have fun and let your creativity flow and see what gets hung up.


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