How to Put Tiles in Your Kitchen?

If you would like to bring your kitchen to new life all you have to think about is installing new tiles. Buthow to put tiles in your kitchen? There are some easy steps to follow in order to make sure that you will get everything right.

How to Put Tiles in Your Kitchen


First you have to measure the length of the backsplash and you have to measure the space between the bottom of the wall cabinet and the top of the counter. Then use graph paper to come up with a scale outline. Make sure that you use glazed tiles; the unglazed ones attract grease and moisture.

Prepare the area

The people interested in putting tiles in their kitchen have to start by removing the range hood and the stove and then shut off the power if you have any power outlets in your way. If the wall is painted, you can install the tiles right on top of the painting; you just have to sand the area. If there is another backsplash, you will have to remove it.


When you are asking how to put tiles in your kitchen, keep in mind that you can install the backerboard on the exposed studs. You have to install this with the help of galvanized drywall screws. Leave a gap between the boards and cover them with filler compound and mesh tape.

Mark and measure the area

In order to install tiles in your kitchen you will have to find the focal point and draw the starting line with the help of a level. This way you will be able to line the tiles vertically. If you have a pattern to follow, lay out the tiles on the countertop.

Installing the tiles

If you know how to put tiles in your kitchen, most probably you know that you have to start with the center of the backsplash, with the bottom row. Apply some adhesive and install the tile above the countertop. If you have to cut the tiles, do it in the process; don’t leave any empty spots.

Cutting the tile

When asking how to put tiles in your kitchen you should use a scrolling cutter to cut the tiles to the right dimensions. First you have to make a mark on the tile to know where to cut it and then simply cut it with one motion.


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