How To Choose The Right Floor For Your Bathroom?

bathroom flooringSelecting appropriate bathroom flooring is a very important part of overall bathroom design, and should be done carefully or it could potentially make you lose a lot of money.

When selecting the right floor for your bathroom, there are many aspects that you have to keep in mind, including your personal style.

Some of the most important questions you should ask yourself are: is it impervious to water, is it safe for walking, and is it resistant to stains.

Ideally, your bathroom floor should be resistant to moisture and withstand periodic exposure to water and should not be very smooth and shiny. Here are a few of the most common bathroom flooring options available.


While carpeting is generally considered a no-no in waterlogged bathrooms, it can be used effectively if you make wise and careful choices.

As long as your carpet is stain- and water-resistant, it can do the trick. Not only does it provide warmth and softness for your feet, but there are limitless patterns and designs to choose from.

Engineered wood

When it comes to wood flooring options, engineered wood is best for bathroom floors. Consisting of several layers of unfinished plywood, it reacts less to humidity and possesses more dimensional strength. Unlike laminated or solid wood, engineered wood can manage a little moisture in the bathroom.

Besides giving your bathroom an authentic hardwood look, engineered wood is easy to install directly on the bathroom surface.

Ceramic tiles

The most popular and practical choice for centuries, ceramic tiles are preferable mainly because they are durable and water-resistant. Ceramic tiles are also moisture-resistant as well to a point, which is why they are widely used as floors for standing water pools.

In addition, it is quite easy to replace damaged individual pieces. Although they are available in different shapes and sizes, color choices for bathroom ceramic tiles are limited and a sealant is highly recommended to avoid stains.

Laminate floors

For laminate type of floors, synthetic materials that look the like real thing are used. Consisting of layers of materials that are literally bonded together, laminate floors are easy to clean and are quite durable and affordable.

The surface of laminated floors is actually a photographic image, printed from a film to create a thin decorative layer, which is in turn protected by another layer to create a realistic appearance.

In addition, vinyl and stone are also often used for bathroom floors. Vinyl floors are quite easy to clean, whereas stone floors are quite expensive and resistant to extreme moisture. Both durable and long-lasting, appropriate flooring should be chosen to complement your personal style.


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