How To Hang An Interior Door?

interior doorTo hang a door now you do not need the tools or knowledge that you would have required in years gone by.

You will not need drills or strikes, just a hammer, finish nail gun and some shims.

The first thing you need to do when hanging a door is check that the door frame is at a minimum of 2 inches wider than the door. [Interior Doors]

The opening needs to be plumb and square, if it is not, your door may not hang correctly.

Use a level and framing square to check that the door is plumb and square. A drywall saw or sawzall may be required to cut back the opening if it is rough.

When hanging a door you want the door to swing towards the wall. Place the door in the center of the opening and check that the door jamb can move to the left and right in the opening.

A gap of 1/8 of an inch between the door jamb and the hinge side of the door is required; make sure that you have the same space at the top as the bottom.

Next you nail the trim on the top and bottom hinge side of the door, followed by nailing the trim on the strike side, checking that there is still even space at the top and hinge side.

Complete nailing the hinge side with three or four more nails, then finish the strike side starting at the top and nailing downwards.

After you have nailed the door to the inside opening, you will then need to shim the door jamb. Close the door so that the door closes evenly on the door stop.

If the door does not touch the door stop on the bottom you will need to move the hinge side so that it touches the door stop, if the top side does not touch, move the hinge jamb side until the door closes at the door stop evenly.

After the door is aligned you need to carefully place the shims between the jamb and the stud opening, making sure that you do not bow the jamb into the opening.

Put shims behind the hinges and strike and the top and bottom of the door on the strike side. Use two nail to nail the shims on each side of the stop.

Lastly you need to apply the door casing, after you have done this and if everything has gone in correctly then you can slide the bolts in. The bolt should fit into place of the strike plate and the door should sit flush with the door stop.


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