Creating a Traditional Home Using Oak

Oak has been used to create furniture and build homes for centuries. Particularly popular in English country homes, oak has become associated with wealth and luxury of a decidedly wholesome kind. Think home baked bread and mulled wine around a roaring open fire with a large solid oak table providing the rooms centerpiece.

As a result of its popularity and beauty, oak is now used to make a wide variety of different kinds of furniture including dressers, doors, tables, chairs and even cups (the Finnish in particular have a tradition of engraving hand carved wooden cups and giving them to one another as gifts).

Creating a Traditional Home Using Oak

If you are thinking of creating a traditional home using oak here are a few ideas you might want to try, along with the pictures to give you some inspiration.

An Oak Door

Oak doors have long been in use wherever oak has been available. These doors offer durability and longevity as well as their aesthetic appeal. A strong oak door could easily out last a home’s current occupants, making it a sound investment if you are considering purchasing one.

Whether you are after a more traditional dark oak or the more modern light oak (as pictured), adding an oak door will add charm and sophistication to you home. You can find solid oak doors at that are suitable for most homes.

An Oak Dresser

While the dresser pictured may be out of the price range of most people, a slightly less intricate, less ancient piece might be something to consider. Depending on your home’s interior design you will need to pick between a light or dark oak dresser. The traditional, more authentic option would be dark oak, though this is generally more expensive.

Oak Picture Frame

Using an oak picture frame has a very romantic feel to it; even the empty frames themselves look like works of art. Adding oak frames to your home will add the finishing touches to the rustic feel necessary for creating a traditional home. Perfect for displaying those happy moments or beautiful views an oak frame does an artistic picture justice while adding a touch of style to any family photos.

Oak frames are also great for using around mirrors. A popular option is to hang a mirror in an oak frame over the mantel piece. Providing a focal point within the room and giving the illusion of more space.

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