Closet Design Ideas Wire Racks

Even if you work for hours to make your closet look organized, in a few days it will look messy again. There are a lot of organizing options and you could consider using closet design ideas wire racks. This is a great organizing method to make sure that your closet will look neat for longer periods of time.

Closet Design Ideas Wire Racks

Wall-to-Wall Wire Racks

To have more storage space than ever before you should think about adding wall-to-wall wire racks and then stack the racks. Start by adding a rack a couple of inches from the floor. You can use this to store your shoes. Add another shelf above this one for other shoe related items.

The rack ideas for closet design will make it possible for you to store shoe laces and polishing kits. Make sure that you will arrange the racks at different heights for clothes of different lengths. This way you will have a lot more room than in case of a hanging bar.

Sliding Drawers

When it comes to the closet design ideas wire racks it is a good idea to take a trip to the local home improvement store and look for wire racks that have a sliding drawer between them. These look something like a bedroom drawer. The advantage of the wire is that you will be able to see what’s inside the drawer.

Organizing Kits

The people looking for wire racks’ closet design tips may think about using organizers to make better use of the available space. It is a good idea to choose racks that have about the same size as your closet. If you have a walk in closet, you could have larger drawers as well.

Hanging Racks

In case you have some smaller pieces of clothing as well, when it comes to the closet design ideas wire racks you may also consider the hanging racks. Although usually these were meant to be used in the kitchen, you can store jewelry and scarves on it. Hang the racks from the ceiling to use the space that was wasted before.

Hanging Baskets and the Tips for Wire Rack Closet

This is one of the out of the box closet design ideas wire racks. It is best to look for those that have an opening in the front so that you will find it easier to grab the clothing that you need. These are both space saving and practical.


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