Colorful Bedroom Designs for Teenage Girls

Forget about white walls and simple brown furniture for your teen. In case you are looking for colorful bedroom designs for teen girls think about what your child likes, how active she is and you will manage to come up with a design that she will simply love.

Colorful Bedroom Designs for Teenage Girls

Wood furniture

You can have bright colored walls in the room of the teen, but in this case you will need some contrast as well. This can be given by dark colored wooden furniture. If you have a mature teen, go for accessories with clean lines. The color scheme could involve dark brown, mustard, dark green, and white.


If the room that you are thinking about regarding the colorful teen girls’ designs for bedroom is relatively large, you may find it useful to have space dividers. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to use a curtain. This can have many different colors, but make sure that they match the overall color scheme of the room.


When it comes to the colorful bedroom designs for teen girls, you should also know that you can use neutral colors for the walls, but in this case you will need something to spice the room up with. For instance, think about a red rug, red lamp, and a bed cover with red accents.


The colorful designs for teen girls’ bedroom can also have an ultra-modern look. This can be achieved by a cyclamen colored rug, a nightstand of the same color, grey striped linen, white chair, white table, white bookshelf, and naturally a white vanity.

Unexpected effects

In order to have a twist to the colorful bedroom designs for teen girls, you should consider hanging circle shaped mirrors above the bed. These will make the room look larger, and through the frames you can add a splash of color to the room.


One of the best colors that you could keep in mind regarding the colorful designs for the bedroom of teen girls is yellow. This will make the room look brighter. In this case opt for white furniture and some pink accents given by the rug and other decorations.

You will have to get creative when thinking about the colorful bedroom designs for teen girlsbecause in our days teens have really high standards and they have a pretty good idea of what they want.


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