6 Best Interior Designing Schools you should Know

Interior designing makes up for a profitable career. Once established as an interior designer, you would most likely have access to many amazing work opportunities, and these work opportunities will enhance your practical skills. However, all of this happens if your education is good—well, determination and hard work are equally important, but we will be a little academic this time around.

There was once a time when interior designing was not much celebrated, but now things have changed. All kinds of courses have surfaced, and with these courses have emerged some of the finest schools for potential designers.

Interior designing schools may be numerous in number, but only a handful of them offer the right quality of opportunities. In this article, we will talk about such schools whose rankings have been top-notch and rated excellent on a number of parameters.

6 Best Interior Designing Schools you should Know

With this in mind, let us begin exploring six best interior designing schools in the world that you should know:

1. Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York

Situated in Brooklyn, Pratt Institute is a private school offering programs in architecture, design, and art. It was the top ranked interior designing school on the World Report and U.S. News lists in the year 2008.

The Institute provides a Bachelor of Fine arts as well as a Master Science in Interior Design which teach students to design residential and commercial settings.

2. Florence Design Academy, Italy

Italy is home to some of the finest fashion and interior designing institutes of the world. For our discussion, we have picked up Florence Design Academy.

Florence Design Academy is located at Firenzi, Italy and is among the most futuristic interior design schools in the world. It has been the alma mater of many internationally acclaimed designers and teachers. The school is particularly famous for its state-of-art educational facilities employing some of the most advanced technologies in the field of interior designing.

The school offers three courses of different time durations—one year, two years and three years. Each course is tailored to meet specific needs of the subject and is highly informative.

3. The Interior Design School, London

Located in one of the most fashionable cities in the world, the Interior Design School stands constructed amid a bubbling community of delis, cafes, and shops on Salusbury Road.

The institute is known for its strict yearly overhaul of the course content to maintain standard education. In order to offer proper guidance to students, all project-works are presented to and examined by professional interior designers.

Presently, the institute offers a Professional Diploma in Interior Design and a series of certificate courses on selective topics in the field.

4. University of California, Los Angeles

The University of California is among the top ranking colleges on the QS World Rankings for a number of courses, including interior designing.

Famously known as UCLA, the University provides some of the most sought-after interior designing courses in the world. Its courses include graduate, post-graduate and a number of reputed certificate courses.

UCLA has nurtured a galaxy of professional interior designers who enjoy a colossal reputation in the market. Studying here could be a costly affair, but quality does not come for cheap.

5. Dublin Institute of Design, Dublin

Dublin Institute of Design is a great school for interior designers, especially elder designers. Most of its course structures have been tailored to suit the needs of experienced designers which apply to the institute in huge numbers.

The institute offers a flexible course schedule for those people who belong to the working-class. It offers a string of courses of varying durations such as six-week or one-year certificate degree courses. There is also the provision of an Associate degree in Bachelor of Arts which is offered as a two-year course.

The façade of the institute’s building seems quite plain for a designing school, but within its four walls, you will get to learn some of the best lessons in interior designing.

6. The University of Edinburg

One of the most coveted art schools in the United Kingdom and the world, the University of Edinburg is known for its excellent education system and record of producing packs of amazing artists.

The university offers a myriad of courses in the field of Interior designing. It runs a series of highly creative and informative certificate programs as well a two-year degree program.

A degree or a certificate from this university will remain a hallmark of your career and will help you climb up stairs to acclaim and success.


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