Top Selling Paint Colors for Living Room

If you are considering getting a new paintjob, there are some colors that you should keep in mind. The truth is that the top selling paint colors for living room constantly change as the trends and people’s priorities change.


Going all white

In case you are looking for a bright color but that isn’t too white, consider Farrow and Ball Pointing. This is a color that can play with light and shadows. It is just perfect for the places that have different kinds of moldings to make the best of the color.

French bulldog black

Although you might think that people don’t really buy black paint, when it comes to the paint colors for living room that are the best-selling, remember that black is a really trendy color this year. You can combine it with just any other color that you like for a modern and an edgy effect.


When looking for the top selling paint colors for living room, you may consider this bright color. Some might say that it is white, but in fact it is a really bright pink. The color makes it possible to achieve a modern or romantic effect. Usually people use the color to achieve a summery look.

Crumb cookie

Usually people have in mind white when they are considering a really bright color. In case of this top seller living room paint color, there is a tinge of blue in it. Nonetheless, the color works very well with greens and yellows. This is one of the most classic colors.

Raspberry truffle

The people who are into the stronger colors regarding the top selling paint colors for living room should really consider this color. It is very deep and very lively, adding a warm effect to just any room. It works best if there are a lot of white items in the room.

Pearl harbor

This is a kind of beige and although you might think that it isn’t very impressive, it is one of the most popular paint colors for living room. The color is most suitable for the people who wish to have a welcoming room with no strong colors. However, you can combine this color with darker ones for a more dramatic effect.

You don’t necessarily have to choose from the top selling paint colors for living room; just have anything you like.


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