So Many Shades of Grey for Home Décor

The people who try to avoid using grey shades in their homes don’t know what they are missing. Although they might think that this color is actually the lack of any real color, it could be exactly what your house needs to become a home. There are a lot of tips and tricks that you could use.

So Many Shades of Grey for Home Décor

Give Some Depth

One of the things that you could use grey for is adding depth. Make sure that you use a lot of neutral hues. It is a good idea to use different hues of the same color to have some consistency in the look. For example you could have a grey sofa, a darker grey carpet, and a light grey coffee table.

Grey Metallic

If you have a staircase in your home, you could add some drama to it by using a metallic wallpaper. If you have come this far, you will want to add a glam factor to your home as well, such as installing a disco ball above the stairs. You can be sure that this is a design none of your guests will be able to forget.

Home Office

Having a grey home office is a really good idea because it is a restful color, but it does need something to add some color to it. In case you are looking for a source of inspiration, you might want to add orange accents to the room. For example you could add an orange desk lamp.

Grey Textured Fabrics

If it is your bedroom that you would like to remodel, think about layered textures on the wall and maybe new grey headboard. The grey shades will add a luxurious and trendy feel to the bedroom. The good thing about a bedroom with grey hues is that there are no colors to distract you and you will be sleeping more peacefully.

Statement Colors for Bathroom

If you like grey but you don’t want to have an entire wall in this color, you might want to consider a metallic bathtub. Get one that comes with an uneven surface that reflects the light coming through the window. Since you will have enough light, you could have a dark colored wall in the background.

There is a lot that you could achieve by using grey colors and shades and you shouldn’t be afraid of your home ending up too dull because with grey that is never the case.


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