New Rustic Home Interior for a New Year

The New Year brings with it an excellent opportunity to give your home a new look.  A great and timeless interior that makes any home appear brimming with style is a rustic design.  If you’re unsure of where to start or are afraid that you’re going to need to spend a lot of money – don’t.

All you really need to do is make the most of what you’ve got and purchase some choice pieces to accentuate the aesthetic.  So here’s our guide to transforming your home into a rustic paradise in straightforward steps.

Expose the Floorboards

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The vast majority of homes in the UK have wooden floorboards under whatever surface you have at the moment.  With a little work, you can have them looking great, and a solid wood floor is the cornerstone of any real rustic home.  You’ll need to dedicate a weekend to getting this job done because you’re going to need to take up your existing carpet, tiles or lino (etc.), a job which requires a lot of moving.  Following this, you’ll need to sand the boards and fill in any existing gaps which could produce a draft.  Once you’ve done that, you should stain the wood to prevent it rotting.

Purchase Choice Furniture

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You don’t need to buy a lot of furniture to really enhance your rustic home look.  So long as you have key pieces like a solid wood table, bookcase and side table like the ones available from Trade Furniture Company, you don’t need to invest in anything else.  Neither do you necessarily need to throw out any non-wood furniture that you have, as too much wood can look overly heavy.  A good tip to make your wood furniture look more rustic is to varnish them in a darker tone and then sand some of it off, producing a two-tone effect.

Highlight with the Right Accessories

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To finish off the rustic look, you’ll need to accessorise your home with the right items.  A good bet is to lay thick, darkly patterned rugs on your floors, place large candles at strategic points, and cover your walls in paintings and tapestries to prevent them looking bare and to really wrap your room in a rustic feel from floor to ceiling.

So there you have it: some easy ways to give your home a rustic make over.  You don’t need to spend thousands and it will give your home a whole new feel, so get started today.


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