Living Room Decorating Ideas To Bring Out Your Creative Side

Decorating your own living room can be fun and exciting, not to mention that it can also save you from spending a lot of money.

The internet and home decorating magazines feature easy living room decorating ideas that include step by step procedure and advice on how to make this part of your house attractive and comfortable.

You don’t have to be a professional interior designer since all it takes is your creativity to bring your boring living room back to life. Just stick with the living room decorating ideas and you will be working on your house like a pro.

The living room is one of the most spacious parts of the house. It is the ideal place where families can spend long hours together, talking, watching television or movies, play, and do other bonding activities.

Many people even use the living room as receiving areas where guests can sit comfortably. Being an important place in the house, you must know and apply living room decorating ideas to make your living room comfortable and accommodating.

Basic living room decorating ideas you can apply

Throw pillows for comfort and style

Throw pillows are simple additions that can add more color to your living room. Place small throw pillows on your sofa and big ones on the floor. Make sure to properly coordinate the colors of your throw pillows with the color and design of the walls, floor, curtains, sofa, and other furniture.

Bring nature in

One of the most common living room decorating ideas around is to put plants in your living room. Potted plants can make your living room look fresher and homey.

If you don’t have real plants, you can use artificial ones. Visit shops around your area and look for artificial potted plants especially those that match the theme of your living room.

Light up

You don’t need to buy expensive chandeliers just to provide your living room enough light. Living room decorating ideas call for affordable and practical accessories and furniture.

Instead of using power-consuming lights, use lamps to brighten up your living room. You may choose to have a desk lamp placed on a side table or buy tall lamps that you can move around. Make sure to use bulbs for your lamps that are less glaring.

Show off some artworks

Living room decorating ideas allow you to flaunt your collection of artworks. Do you have a painting of a famous painter? Do you collect art pieces like porcelain figurines, jars, and other collectible items?

You can use them as decors in your living room. Hang a big painting over your sofa or place your breakable collection on a tall cabinet or on a sturdy side table.

Add color to your floor

The best thing about living room decorating ideas is that they allow you to play and experiment with different colors, patterns, and designs.

The most effective way to add color to your tiled or wooden floor is by putting a rug or carpet. Choose one that matches the color of your living room and go together with the rest of your furniture.


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