How to Bring the Living Room Outside for Summer?

Summer is the best time of the year to enjoy the outdoors and 2012 summer encourages you to bring your living room outside and enjoy the cool evenings in comfort and privacy.

Open decks and porches are lovely spots to enjoy a couple of hours but they may not provide you the right mood so you would be tempted to spend long hours outdoors.



Screen your open porches or decks to expand the indoors and bring it closer to the outdoors. In fact, screen porches provide you with a safe haven through most of the year, where you can enjoy the freshness of the spring, the warmth of summers, and the nip of the fall.

Decorating details

Remember that your outside haven is equally important to the room where you usually receive your guests. The fact that a porch may seem just an ordinary place shouldn’t stop you from adding it glamor through a swing smartly decorated with afro style cushions.

Make sure you bright up the deck with a carpet in the same style and your outside living room is ready. Keep in mind that small details make all the difference.

Be practical but creative

Be practical but creative

Choose sturdy furniture that can survive in the outdoors, just in case you get a smattering of rain sideways or the heat from the sun. Opt for weatherproof rugs and fabrics for the same reasons. You can choose from the various décor styles or decide to decorate it to reflect your personal taste.

Contraire to what you might think so, an outside living room doesn’t request a considerable investment. You can choose to keep a rustic air using furniture details you have around, candle lanterns and plant pots.

Plan ahead

If you have children or pets that are bound to run through the screening, opt for chair rail high screeningto avoid damages. Child proofing of the area is necessary if you have young children around. The rails add to the charm of the place and give you another opportunity to think about styles and looks.

Key items make all the difference

If you plan to add a vintage touch to the whole ensemble, consider salvage yards where wrought iron items are easy to find. You can always clean them and glaze them to make the most of their special look.

The vintage air matches perfectly a canopy made of rough wood beams and plant wines. If you add mosquito nets in the form of curtains, you can make sure that the summer night air will encourage you to spend many pleasant hours in you outdoor living room.


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