How to Add Simple but Effective X-mas Touches to Your Home Décor

Just as in case of food, where there are the just add water kinds, there are also the decorations that make an instant change in a room. The best thing about them is that they are easy to create and you don’t need to sacrifice a lot of time.

Ribbon and ornaments

You could use this idea in case of a headboard, door or wall. All you have to do is to add an ornament to a ribbon and hang it. In order to make sure that the decoration is secured, you should be using tape. To make the decoration a whole, you could create a small tree of branches wired together and use florists’ foam.

Effective X-mas Touches

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Gift boxes

It’s not only about what you find inside, but also about the look of these boxes. It is alright to be using empty boxes, as long as they are nicely wrapped. There are different kinds of color schemes that you could be using, such as beige combined with dark brown and green. Also you could opt for the more vivid colors to make the decorations pop.


Sometimes it is enough to be using some simple flowers to add a holiday feeling to the room. It is a good idea to place some red roses in a vase, and in case you have some glittery ornaments, add them to the centerpiece as well.


In order to make the house look more festive, think about adding a garland to the kitchen entryway. To turn the decoration even more interesting, you could also add some greeting cards. Most probably you have some from last year.

In the bedroom

In case you expect some guests for Christmas, you can add a special touch to the guest room, by throwing in some pillows and a quilt. Another nice touch is to have some red ribbons. You could also add a welcoming message, and you should make sure that it comes in a red color.

Holiday accents

When looking for something small and festive for the table, you could opt for an Alberta spruce tree, along with some other ornaments specific for this time of year. Place the container of the tree into a basket and surround it with pinecones, apples, nuts, oranges or other items. You could also add a vintage greeting card as a finishing touch. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it.


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