Style Is Made Of Something And That Something Defines It

There is one master name when it comes to refine design and unique style. His name is David.H.Mitchell and he is known as the designer of the most influential and stylish homes.

What make his works incredible are his ability and a sense for combining home decorating that might turn your house in a light and a stylish getaway.

Mitchell’s style is incomparable for he is successfully adding a stylish combination of art, modern pieces and antiques.

home decorFollowing his creative decision, we found out that this master of decorating is creating a smart furniture line and mixes up the antiques with sculptures in an innovative style.

In case you want to assume an eclectic designed home idea, simply do as Mitchell did. His decorating views are a colorful gradation from very modern to very traditional with elements of lavish linen draperies and floral motifs. Painted walls in bold colors are also one of his stunning ideas, but the designer combined them with Russian antique chairs and neutral furniture.


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