Progressive Room Dividers Design By Swarm

When Mike & Maaike are creating something, the world of design knows it is going to be something successful and artistic. Their latest collection for Council can be described exactly like this.

The name of the collection is Swarm and presents the perfect room dividers. Swarm is a flexible space divider, which is made to open the space in a stylish way.

The name of the collections is actually a scientific word for an aggregation of animals and organisms, which are cruising in same direction. The room divider of this creative studio does exactly that.

The Swarm collection comes in different colors and it is the perfect self-standing furniture for your interior.

The intimacy feeling is even stronger with Swarm. The creative designers are going to launch this space divider as a part of their futuristic home interior collection.

Another bonus of getting Swarm is the geometrical feeling it possesses. The odd shapes are just another reason to make your interior interesting and artistic.


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