Patriotic Approach for Patio Decoration

A lot of people are thinking about patio decorations before 4th of July. There are numerous ideas that you may choose to follow, depending on your style and also on the style of your home. Choose from artificial materials or natural ones.

White porch

White porch

If you have a white porch, you don’t have to think about complicated decorations. In this case it is enough to add a flag to the porch and you are done. This is a traditional design that is easy to achieve. For the big day you might want to install a flag holder that you can later remove.

There are a lot of different decoration ideas that you could think about. No matter what decorations and styles you choose make sure that you don’t overdo it so you may keep a mild touch of 4th of July all through the summer.

Adirondack chair


If you are looking for decorations that you can use for just any patriotic holiday, consider buying Adirondack chairs. Make sure that you paint them red. All there is left for you to do is to add a flag to the scene. You may also consider adding some cushions or pillows.

Stripes and stars

These elements shouldn’t be limited only to the flag. You can have stars attached to each other and displayed on the side of your home. The stripes can also be present just anywhere such as on pillow, tablecloths, cushions, and so on.

If you would like to have stars all you have to do is to buy red and blue fabric that is often on sale before the 4th of July. Trace star shapes on the wrong side of the fabric and cut them out. Attach the stars to each other or to a string and then secure them to the house.

Go for the flowers

As one of the ideas that you can approach, consider getting some flags on sticks, and add them to flowers. There are different kinds of flowers that you could get in red, white and blue. These include salvia, scabiosa, iris, corydalis, blue hydrangea, daisies, marguerites, white geraniums, fortnight lily, gardenia, white roses, plumeria, red roses, petunias, hibiscus, peonies, dahlias and red geraniums.


Naturally you don’t need full-sized lighthouses on your patio, just small replicas. These are the perfect decorations for the coastal neighborhoods. The lighthouse themed decorations are very popular in the eastern part of the country. You can find these at online retailers.


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