Old Furniture Becoming Trendy

In case you want to keep your old furniture, this isn’t as difficult as you thought. There are amazing ideas that can turn your home décor into a vintage oasis, made with style and antique touch.

The so called retro futurism is now modern and most of the designers are trying to create furniture that represents old style into a new shape. Use your imagination and bring to a new life your old furniture – this will surely refresh the entire home interior.

bedside tableHere are some ideas how to do it with, in order to create furniture that will create a new atmosphere in your home. Some experts are suggesting really easy-to-do ideas such as painting the headboard and the bedside table.

You will need furniture that it is suitable for painting, metallic paint and a paintbrush.

Create a contrast as you paint only the bedside table’s legs or the headboard with metallic paint. Blue is also an option, especially if the furniture is black. There is an amazing idea to decorate the old table.

Make sure the table is wooden-framed and choose a paint that is completely contrastive to the color palette of the room.

Prepare the surface of the legs and use eggshell paint in any color. Bright red is a color that always creates a contrast, so use it in order to refresh and change the idea behind the furniture.

old dining tableIn case you need a new kitchen table, there is no need to purchase one. Simply take an old dining table and transform it into a trendy kitchen table. Choose a bold color such as orange and paint the table.

In order to create a real kitchen table, just go for patterned oilcloth. Choose different and unusual patterns and stretch a piece across the top, as you staple the edges under the lip. Viva La Frida is the brand that offers thousands of oilcloth varieties, so check them out and choose the best one.

You can also use a spray paint, which is very appropriate idea for drawing a geometrical surface on the table. Usually the spray paints are very good for drawing, so you can order one and draw on the surfaces on the old furniture.

Oilcloth is a good idea, in case you want to bring to life chairs and tables, but you should consider that oilcloth is only good for the kitchen cabinetry. In case you really have antique furniture, use the help of a professional, in order to restore it without changing its historical value.


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