Modern Style Fits Any House In The World

His name is Andreas Charalambous and he is notorious for his modern conceptual design. The designer combines unique modern innovative style with all kind of goods for your home comfort.

His visions are worked out with modern footprints, clean lined furniture, more light into house and enough space. The designer advices are re-modeling the house in a way, which brings more space and light, as well as adding a futuristic style.

living space

Open-backed staircases made of oak wood are the designer’s specialty. He also plays with the colors and nuances. That’s why he is famous for contrasting the interior and the exterior of the house.

dining room

The dropping ceilings and the clean shapes are also part of his modern design. In case you want to borrow from his ideas, simply remember that modern design actually means more living space.

Less doors and walls, as well as neutral tones are your best options for decorating the home in a contemporary design.


family room area


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