How to Style Your Headboard Looks?

Bedroom, apart from sleeping, is also a place for relaxation and well being. Therefore beautifying the bedroom is must for those who want to spend good times in their bedrooms.

In case you are on a budget and you can’t afford the renovation of the entire bedroom, simply change the headboard look of your bed.


Perhaps you don’t know, but the ancient Greeks found a new use for the beds. They were not just a place to sleep and rest, but an addition to the interior of the room. The Greeks created the framework for a bed with ornaments, decorated with tufts of animal fur.

Richly decorated cushions and ornamented beds have become a symbol of class and financial prosperity. Ever since, the headboards are an important part of the bedroom décor. Here are few ideas that may help you in this matter.

One of the most unusual ideas that can change the entire décor in the bedroom is to create a fake window as a headboard. This is an unusual idea, suitable not only for the bedroom, but also for other rooms.

For this purpose, you need only 2 old windows shutter and a framed image (picture, photo or whatever you would like to see on the headboard of your bed) to create the “view” of your fake window.

You can also use windows lids. Attach the lids on both sides of the picture, it is best to mount them on the wall as the frame is not sufficiently stable for this purpose.

For even greater effect, frame and paint the shutters the same color, in order to create the look as if they are part of a real window.

Repainting the headboard is probably not enough to beautify your bedroom décor, but decorating is surely a better idea. You can find many patterns, which you can use to draw on your old headboard.

Remember to create contrastive drawings, because the contrastive look changes everything. Use bright color and make sure the bed linens and fabrics are all white.


The contemporary designers are offering a dramatic vertical impact by taking the headboard to the ceiling. You can also place built-in lamps, which should be lit only in the night.

This will make a great romantic ambiance. Replace the traditional boards of the bed with some more modern ones – inlaid with the background and others that look like artwork.

If the headboard on the bed isn’t what you want, you can beautify it by adding different wall fragments.


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