How To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

Along with Christmas festivities, the winter season brings our households colder temperatures and bitter weather. People’s primary concern during these times is therefore to keep their homes warm, something which can be achieved in a number of ways.

Pumping heat into your home is not the only way to make it warmer this winter and people should always consider environmentally conscious ways of improving their home comfort. These usually rely on using products efficiently, allowing you to get the best results from minimal energy consumption.

Efficient Heating

The easiest way to keep your home warm whilst protecting the environment is by heating your home efficiently. When the heating is turned on, make sure that windows and doors are not left open. This will lead to draughts and reduce the effects of your heating, meaning that you will not feel the benefits.

Investing in a new boiler is another great way to heat your home efficiently. Old or under-performing boilers are a main cause of energy consumption and inadequate heating – something which can be addressed very quickly. Faulty boilers can also burst something which could damage your home and your possessions. Home contents insurance is a good way to protect yourself from the costs associated with these damages.

Maintaining a constant temperature in your home is also more energy efficient than continually heating a room from cold. That being said, heating your home during your absence is a waste of time, energy and money. You should therefore set a timer for your central heating, allowing it to begin heating your home a few hours before you return home. That way your home will stay warm whilst conserving energy.

Under-floor Heating

As one of the most common complaints uttered during winter, cold flooring is the main thing which makes people to feel cold in their homes. Nobody likes to step out of their beds onto cold flooring and finding a way to address this problem is an easy way to keep your house warm. Under-floor heating is therefore the perfect product to achieve this.

Not only will under-floor heating help to take the chill off of rooms during winter but it can also reduce your reliance on central heating systems. This is because heat rises and therefore the warmth generated from under-floor heating will be dispersed through your home.


Of course, keeping your home warm over winter does not just rely on the use of heating products. In fact, having your home insulated is an easy way to help improve heat retention, making your home warmer and more energy efficient. Home insulation is available in two main forms: wall cavity insulation and loft insulation. These products help to prevent heat from escaping from the most vulnerable areas of your home, making it to feel warmer. Insulation will reduce your energy consumption and therefore your energy bill. In fact, cavity wall insulation alone can save households as much as £135 per year.


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