How to Create the 80s Style Décor?

You might think that the 1980s are simply outdated, but we have to admit that there have been some trends that could be used in our days as well. In case you would like your home to have a special feeling to it, you may want to consider elements of that era.

 80s Style Home Decoration(photo credit:

The Platner table

This legendary table design has been created by Warren Platner. He took wires and created furniture of them. He has come up with the idea of adding to the wire table a glass table top, which has become an icon of the era. This way he managed to combine the elements of functionality with ornamental elements.

Belvoir armchair

This armchair is known for being made of fine steel wire and twisted paper. The advantage of these elements is that they can be used for a long period of time. Nowadays it is common to see it in numerous homes, even though at the beginning people have thought that it wasn’t suitable for being used indoors.

Bangkok ottoman

These pieces of furniture have been more than fashionable during the 80s, and in the same manner, they have become fashionable again, starting with 2008. This is the best way to add some elegance to your home, and to make it even more comfortable.

Butterfly stool

Although during the 50s plywood has been considered a new material as time went by more and more pieces of furniture were made of this material. During the 80s people came up with the idea to connecting two curvy panels with the help of a brass screw.

Wire table lamp

The lamp has been introduced a long time ago, and it is known for being quite surprising. The advantage of the item is that it is suitable for just any setting, because it matches any other piece of furniture. The only thing that you have to be careful about is the color of the top of the lamp.

Moka express

Remember the times when people weren’t using coffee machines? If you would like to bring the glory of the 80s into your home make sure that you add a moka express to your kitchen. There are many different kinds of these items that you can find.

Taccia lamp

The satellites were very trendy during the 80s, and so it is no wonder that there are some pieces of furniture created in this shape.

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