Exquisite Accessories For An Exquisite Home Fit To Compliment Your Style

Decorating home is never an easy issue. It requires a lot of ideas, matching the right patterns and choosing the perfect accessories. When going for original approach, it is better to consider the latest accessories for the modern home décor, which will surely add more spirit and sophistication to your home.

The latest patterns on super modern kitchen plates are made by the famous designer John Derian. The creative designer presents over 100 new decorative patterns, which are made with classic blue-and-white china and French glazed earthenware. Each of them has different pattern and represent an artistic touch on your kitchen sets.

Another collection, which you surely should consider is the Thim Filicia’s collection for Vanguard Furniture. One of the most highlighted pieces is the Copake Eagle, a sculpture made with a lot of style and obviously sophisticated décor idea.

In case you seek more luxury in your home accessories then simply go for Limoges porcelain. The latest Marie Daâge collection is made entirely from the expensive porcelain.

The dinnerware, which the designer is offering is hand-painted and trimmed in 24K gold, but what really grabs the attention, is the combination of styles, colors and patterns. The prices start at $85.


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