Home Decoration Trends 2014

Each year comes with some new trends regarding home decoration. In case you are thinking about remodeling your home or making some changes, you should make sure that you will follow the latest trends. Naturally opt for those that are suitable for your personality and your lifestyle.

Home Decoration Trends 2014


The specialists expect the majority of the homeowners to use neutral base colors for their home and a lot of bright colored accents. The advantage of this style is that it adds a welcoming aura to the home and in the same time it offers the owners the possibility to make frequent changes.

Glamour and Drama

In 2014 we can expect to see a shift from the white walls towards a more dramatic and glamorous look. There should be no surprise to see black woody walls paired with metallic accessories and a lot of pieces made of glass that reflect the light in a room with a dark backdrop.


Another trend that you should be prepared for is the use of vintage items. The specialists claim that the use of social media has cut the lifespan of trends in half. This is why the homeowners should be thinking about getting vintage and special pieces that add a timeless glamour to their homes.

Bye-Bye Beige

For a long time now the pros have been predicting the disappearance of beige from the color palette, but it never really happened. However, this year there are some real chances for trends to make a shift towards the brighter and more interesting colors.

Blooming Prints

In case you take a look at the trendiest designs, you may observe that there are a lot of chintz and florals. While these could end up looking quite outdated, if you mix them with geometric patterns, you can achieve a very modern looking design and you won’t have to worry about it becoming outdated anytime soon.


Looking for something truly modern? Consider mixing different metallic colors, like silver and gold. There is no way for you to go wrong with them. The best thing about these colors is that since they reflect light, they can make a room look larger, which is a great bonus in case of small homes.

Make sure you consider these trends before making a decision regarding the new style of your home. Another thing to consider is that you don’t have to remodel the entire home in order to add modern touches.


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