More Than Your Regular Stool

This following idea is based on a tendency we all have in childhood (often times in adulthood, too), respectively to rock on the chair.

We might find it amusing, relaxing, comfortable or just… normal, and now it is even safer than it was before! Thanks to John Briscella’s Calibration Lounge you will be able to use the chair in almost any position you can imagine and the effort every change needs from you is insignificant.

Its neutral wood color allows you to place it anywhere in your house, while its 3D aspect will give the surroundings a modern and practical feel.

On top of everything, the calibration stool will transform in a three dimensional rocking chair at a click. It is obviously conceived for the people who lack patience and are keen on futuristic looks.

For the same category John Briscella has also invented a wall clock with a charming aspect that you can even build at home, thanks to the indications he himself provides on his website. Another one of his inventions is a street fireplace made of metal barrels that would spread a modern feel in any spots it might be placed.

The fireplaces will not be available for long though, since they shall be produced at request in a limited number.

Source: homedit



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