Inspiring Art Out To Conquer With Its Originality

Due to his studies in chemistry which inspired him in further creations, designer and sculptor Hongtao Zhou managed to create unique interior furniture that doesn’t look like anything that has been created so far.

Originally from China, currently living in the US, winner of several designing competitions, this artist became known due to his innovative designs and sculptures.

His work is marked by his green collection, a collection in which he used only recyclable, environment-friendly multifunctional materials.

He also uses basically anything that he can find, second-hand furniture that he restores in his unique way, disposable and biodegradable materials, wood, paper, even ice. That’s right, check out his sculpted-in-ice furniture from Lake Mendota.

Spinning coffee tables, adjustable rocking chairs, weird designing is what makes the contemporary artist, Hongtao Zhou to be seen as an environmental artist. Through his creations he tries to make a point.

In our day to day life, we should use materials that have a less negative impact on the environment. For sure it won’t be long until every celebrity in town will own unique creations from designers like Hongtao Zhou.

And you bet they’ll get it right: original furniture, unique colors, good, nature friendly materials; all the reasons why you should consider changing your furniture. This is the newest trend of furniture in the future in matter of interior design.

Designer : Hongtao Zhou


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