DIY Recycling Christmas Crafts

As Christmas comes the majority of people start thinking about buying new things, including ornaments, toys, and so on. However, they could use the resources that they already have available and make new items using those. The best thing about these projects is that they are entertaining for the entire family and they will reduce the waste produced.

DIY Recycling Christmas Crafts

Tin lid ornament

Have you been thinking about buying new ornaments for the tree? Here’s an idea: gather all the tin lids that you have and use them to decorate the tree. All you have to do is to make small holes in them in a given pattern, such as a heart and another hole at the top part to pull a string through. You can be sure that your decorations will be more than unique.


In case you also have the tin cans that you took the lids off, you can use them as well as Christmas decorations. Clean them of all glue and paper that they might have on, and by using the same technique, make small holes in them in a given pattern. If you add a tea light candle to the tins you will achieve magnificent luminaries.

Tin can snowman

Another use for the tin cans is to make a snowman of them. For this you will need cans of different sizes.

Toilet rolls

This is an easy one; everybody knows how to make different ornaments of toilet paper. One of the ideas is to make napkin rings using these rolls. All there is for you to do is to cut all the rolls to the same size and then color them to red or gold. You can also add small ribbons or some glitter glue.

Bowling game

Another use for toilet rolls is to make small figures of them. Cut out deer, Christmas tree, and Santa shaped figures and stick them to the paper rolls. Then make them stand up and use a small ball to knock them over. This will be great fun for the entire family.

Egg carton

While the majority of people know about the paper roll crafts, only a few of them use egg carton to create decorations. One of the ideas that you might have in hand is to create a snowman using this material. Once you create the right shape you will just have to add some color to it.

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