Bathroom Tile Designs Ideas

You might think that the pattern of the bathroom tiles isn’t really important in a home, but the truth is that if you come to think of it you will realize that you spend quite some time in the bathroom, so you should really find some bathroom tile design ideas you like.

Bathroom Tile Designs Ideas

French style

You should know that if the tiles are glazed, they become water resistant and so they are just perfect for the bathroom. If you would like to have a more special and elegant design think about smaller tiles in a dark brown or chocolate color. To make the design more interesting, add a few rows of bright blue tiles as well.

Travertine tiles

In case you are interested in tips for bathroom tile design, you should give this design a shot. It looks really elegant and fancy especially if it is used with matching soap dish, basketweave borders and corner caddies. In this case it is best to leave the installation of the tiles to professionals.

Crispy clean

When it comes to the bathroom tile design ideas you may be looking for a simple, clean, yet elegant design. Think about small white tiles. Although from the distance they might seem really sterile, it is best if they have some salt and pepper speckles.


If you would like to have more colors regarding the bathroom tile design tips, think about a checkerboard pattern. This pattern looks best if you use contrasting colors, like black and white or dark brown and white for a more elegant feeling.

Elegance and simplicity

A lot of homeowners are looking for bright colors regarding the bathroom tile design ideas. If you happen to be one of them, consider the bright tiles with swag accents. In order to add a special personality to the bathroom, lay the tiles diagonally.

Make it bright

As one of the tile design ideas for bathroom you should consider matching smaller, mosaic style tiles with larger ones. For instance, you could have mosaics in the shower and the rest of the bathroom should have large tiles. Make sure that the colors that you use also match.

There are numerous bathroom tile design ideas that you could use. Nonetheless, the first thing that you have to consider is the size of the bathroom, which could determine the tile colors that you could use.


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