How To Decide On The Perfect Bedroom Colors For Your Home?

bedroomIn recent years the common trend in bedrooms has been to simplify and minimize.

This is great because frankly most rooms look their best when they are simple and minimized however this does not mean you need to sacrifice color!

We have some color combinations for you to consider freshening the look of your bedroom and making you feel like you have redecorated!

A very popular color combination right now is greens and browns. Designers are reporting that this color combination is actually nurturing to our souls.

If you choose to go the route of greens and browns consider choosing a more fresh green instead of deep green because of the color impact on your psychological state.

Another popular color combination right now and, rightly so, is the botanical and nautical color combination of blues and greens. When looking for the shades of blues and greens if you choose to go this route, look for colors that look to blend with the water and sky.

Blue is a soothing color and green is known to nurture the soul so if this is your color palette you have made a very healthy psychological choice.

Other favorite color combinations are different shades of pinks and white as well as different shades of grays and pinks. If you choose white with any other color you can also choose third and fourth colors as your accent colors.

For example, if you choose white and navy blue for your main colors you can then have olive green and mustard as your accent colors. Or, maybe you choose burnt red and beige for your focal colors you can then throw in hints of brown and hunter green.


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