How To Completely Change The Look Of Your House With Just A Small Bit Of Paint?

paintDue to the recession and current economic status many of us that would regularly remodel our bedroom, living room, or kitchen or even entire home are not doing so this year.

In fact many of us choose to remodel once a season because we get sick of the way things are looking and we want a change as the seasons change. Well there is a way to completely change the look of your house without spending more than $25.

Repaint your baseboards! Look at your current baseboards. Walk around your house and look at all of your current baseboards. I don’t know about you but mine are white and boring. The room I am sitting in has beige walls and white baseboards. If I changed the baseboards to an olive green or maybe a burnt red it would change the entire way this room not only looks but also feels.

If you are a novice with the paint brush the trick is to putting tape between the baseboard and the wall and the baseboard and the carpet. You will need two sizes of paint brush; one small and one medium to large. You can run the medium to large paintbrush along the center of the baseboards and use the small one to touch it up near the wall and carpet.

Having difficulty deciding which color to go with? Have fun with it! Take a boring kitchen and add a black baseboard or take your home office and add a splash of color with royal blue!

Regardless of what colors you choose and for which rooms you are about to completely redecorate your home on less than $25. What a great way to kick off fall, with new colors.


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