How to Clean Stained Concrete Floors

In case you have to clean concrete floors, the method that you should be using depends on whether you are dealing with interior decorative or standard concrete.

This is because usually the interior concrete is more sensitive when it comes to staining.

Things you will need

If you are handling interior concrete, then you should make sure to have at hand a broom, a dust mop, a wet mop, some warm water, a bucket and some kind of mild cleaner.

What to do?

How to Clean Concrete FloorsTo achieve top results you should start with sweeping the floor to make sure that there is no debris left. Then mop the floor with the dust mop to remove the dust particles that might have been left behind.

Fill the bucket with warm water and add some mild cleanser or dishwasher.

It is important to remember not to use any products that are based on vinegar or ammonia because they could damage the surface of the floor.

Dip the wet mop into the solution and mop up the surface. You should be working in small sections and it is important to rinse the mop often.

In the end fill the bucket with clean water and mop up the surface again. Just as in the previous case you should be working in small sections and rinse the mop often not to leave behind any residue.

Standard concrete

In this case you will need a push broom, a hose with a spray attachment, shop vac, granular cleaner, power washer and some space to put all these things.


Clean the surface and get rid of the debris with the help of the broom or vacuum it. Then wash the surface using the hose and the spray attachment.

In case you are working in the garage, pay attention to the corners. While the floor is still wet, you should apply the cleaner.

Scrub the entire floor with the broom. In the end you should wash the surface with water again. If there are some stains left, you should apply some more cleaner and rub it a bit more using the push broom until you see that the stain is disappearing.

When cleaning concrete it is important to keep in mind not to rub too much because it could damage the surface and in the end there would be a visible spot. Remember that you only have to get rid of the stain.


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