Making Your Bathroom Functional And Easy On The Eye

bathroom designIt is important that bathrooms are not only functional but also easy on the eye.

As you spend less time in them than other rooms in your home, you can be a bit braver with color.

If you are designing a bathroom from scratch then it is always better to measure up and make a scaled drawing.

Ensure that the bathroom furniture, as in the toilet, sink and shower are arranged to get the most out of the available space. It is usually better to a crisp white rather than colored as it works better and is more acceptable when re-selling.

In most cases re-decorating a bathroom means making do with the existing furniture although if it is in a very bad state, replacement is not as costly as you might imagine. If you have a small bathroom the use of mirror can create an illusion of space, keeping everything plain will also help.

The nature of a bathroom lends itself to smooth surfaces and it is better to avoid carpet other than a floor mat that can be easily cleaned. For the walls, tiled surfaces are best especially around areas that will get wet.

Getting the right vanity unit is important because they need to provide storage for the various items like towels, toilet paper and personal cleansing products. Spend the time working out exactly what you need and look around for a style that suits. Bespoke could work the best for your own particular needs.

Whatever your design, make sure to include personalized items that inject some of your personality into the space.


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