How To Choose An Effective Ceiling Fan?

ceiling fanWhen you cannot afford a centrally air conditioned home in the hot and humid weather, a ceiling fan can be an attractive option that takes care of your financial as well as bodily needs.

However, the choice and selection of a ceiling fan is not as simple as running down to the local hardware superstore.

Once there you are suddenly taken aback by the phenomenal variety that ceiling fans there are on offer.

How do you commence your hunt for the right ceiling fan?

The first stage lies in knowing that ceiling fans are not just for cooling a room. What they really do is circulate air in your room to make you feel cooler. This in turn helps in reducing your body’s internal temperature along with perspiration.

The motor of the fan plays a pivotal role in the entire process; the motor is the device that generates power for the movement. Opt for a motor that is silent and smooth and has a nice sleek body.

Otherwise you will end up ruining your night’s sleep and have you immediately rushing to the shop for a replacement.

The next most important thing is the blades of the ceiling fan. Several studies say that if the fan’s blades are connected at a pitch of 14 degrees, then the fans help air to move much more effectively.

They should also be balanced enough to avoid noisy vibrations. You should also keep in mind the size of your room when looking for a fan, the store should have a chart to help you calculate the size of the fan compared to room size.


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