Office Decorating Ideas: Designing A Home Office That Motivates

modern home officeMore people are deciding to work from home these days than ever before, and the challenge of setting up an effective home office design can sometimes be a daunting prospect.

Some people are blessed with having a separate room to decorate for their office, but many people have to adapt another room into a dual purpose space.

Whatever your situation, these office decorating ideas will help you put together an office that you will find motivating and conducive to work.

Before you start the task of decorating your office or space, take some time to think of what you need to include. Make a list of the things you must have, like phone, computer, printer etc, and a separate list of the things you would like to be able to include.

Look at your room or the space you are going to use, and make note of critical things like power and phone connection points, the amount of natural light and the available space you have.

Your office decorating ideas might need to include an electrician to put in extra power points, the telephone company to add an extra line or phone connection point, or a handyperson to install a skylight to bring in extra natural light.

If you have a separate room for your home office, consider it like a blank canvas when you are considering office decorating ideas. Choose light, bright colors to paint the walls that will make the room feel light and airy.

Decide on the style you want for your office – modern and sleek, with built-in furniture and minimalistic décor; or old-world with beautiful antique desk, bookcases and paintings; or a funky retro style with an eclectic mix of furniture. With an empty room, the choice is up to you and your budget.

Furniture placement is an important consideration with office decorating ideas. You need to make the most of natural light on your work surface to reduce your dependence on artificial lighting. Position your desk or work surface where natural light falls onto it, without your body casting a shadow.

Choose furniture that suits the work you do; if you work on a computer, use a desk designed for this purpose; if you do design or artistic work, have the appropriate amount of flat space to do the job easily. [Home Office Furniture]

Plan to have adequate storage, so that you have a place for all your work materials and files. Combine closed cabinets for little used or completed work and open shelving for the things you need to reach for regularly.

If you need to make space in a currently used room for your home office, you need to plan it carefully. Blend the furniture and materials with the décor of the room, so that it doesn’t look like an addition you just squeezed in.

A great office decorating idea is to house your home office in a large double-door cabinet – put in shelves, drawers, desk and lamp. All you have to do is open the doors on your office and everything is there to start work, just slide your chair in. When you have finished, pull out the chair and close the doors; it is all tucked away, out of sight.

Use your unique home office decorating ideas to create an inspirational place to work by adding pictures, ornaments, photos and accessories that represent your style and interests. Use elements that you know will motivate you to create your best work at home.


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