The Progressive Vision Of A Modular House

The Anagram Architect is one of the most famous design studios that are eminent for their unusual architecture and contemporary approach.

Their last project was a multi-unit housing complex that can be called “urban wonder”, when it comes to architecture. The designers of the project combined together a house and an apartment as they totally made it fit as the modular housing traditions.

The result is a modern complex with different layout approach, but most of all – this complex is perfect for the urban lifestyle, for it is offering maximum living area in one single building.

The adaptation wasn’t an easy issue, because they had to adapt a house and an apartment in one building, but this way they actually have found the right key to the modern architecture.

The good news is you can transform your building into a complex and combine the styles of your own home. The suburban building is now entirely made in a city style, which is a good example of innovative design architecture and ideas.


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