10 Must haves for a Relaxing and Inviting Guest Room

The guest room is either one of the most carefully designed and decorated room of the house or is the most ignored room where only rejected stuff goes. But to create a good impression on your guests and to make them feel welcomed in your abode, you must do all that you can to make your guest room comfortable.

There are many easy ways to turn that corner of the room into a highly relaxing space.  Don’t you want to be treated to comfort and luxury when you visit a friend’s or relative’s house for a stay? Yes, right, hence even your guests would want to feel the same. The following is a list of the 10 must have for a relaxing and inviting guest room.

must haves for a relaxing and inviting guest room1. Ventilation and Sunlight

Make sure there is a glass window in the guest room to ensure proper sunlight and ventilation.  This will lend the room a refreshing feel, one which you guests will really love.

2. Fresh Flowers

Place some fresh flowers or plants in the guest room before your guests arrive. This will make them feel welcomed and treated to some beauty when they come to your house and settle in the room.

3. A Comfortable and Clean Bed

Never compromise on the comfort and cleanliness of the bed in the guest room. It should be well made, with the right mattresses and pillows and should be cleaned well. You must provide fresh sheets, blankets and other bed linen.

4. Fresh Toiletry

Used and old toiletry can be a big turn off for guests but places some fresh soap, hand wash, shampoo and body wash can make your guests feel so pampered.

5. The Right Amount of Storage Space

No matter how many days your guests are going to stay at your house hey will need some storage space to place their stuff like clothes, shoes and other things. So provide a little storage space to them and hand over the key for their convenience.

6. Proper Lighting

Every guest room must have adequate lighting so that guests do not feel dull in dim lights. There should be a night lamp, overhead lights and ofcourse the natural light from the window.

7. Something to Keep Entertained

While some people offer television sets to their guests, others may provide them with something to read. Depending upon your budget and preference, add something of entertainment value to the guest room.

8. A Comfortable Sofa

Besides the bed, you must also place a comfortable sofa into the guest room so that your guests can unwind, relax and use it whenever they need.

9. Easy Access to Switches and Sockets

Do not place the night lamp switch across the room but rather give its easy access to your guests. Similar, all sockets and switches must be easy to find and use.

10. Your Smile

Without your proper warmth and welcoming, how can a guest feel invited and relaxed in your house? So don’t forget to have that smile on.


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