Know Your House and the Parts You Didn’t Know How to Name

It might have happened to you that you have been talking about a house and you find yourself looking for your words, not knowing what the name of certain parts of the house is. This may be a bit weird, especially in case you are talking to someone who really knows his self around houses.

House and Parts Enfilade(photo credit:


Do you have any idea what that is? Well, it is a series of doors placed in a row, without any interruptions. Such elements are quite common in case of larger homes.


Do you have a haunch? You may have, but it is possible that you don’t even know about it. In case you have an arch, most probably it has a curving part bookened by the peak and it could be a molding or capital abutment.


It is possible that you have never heard about such a thing, and the truth is that quite few homes have it. It is nook found besides a fireplace that in the majority of the cases it used for seating.

Kite winder

In case of steps to make economy of space, they might make a 90 degree turn. If you have three wedge shaped stairs that make such a turn, that are also known as winders, then you can say that you have a kite winder in your home.


This one is quite easy. If there is a portion of wall between the inner face of a window jamb or door and between the wall, it is the scuncheon. This appears because the windows are thinner than the wall itself.


Gable roofs usually have bargeboards, because it is a board that has been attached to the roof for decorative reasons. These can usually be found in case of Tudor or Gothic Revival styles. Most of the times they come with carvings and details painted quite colorfully. They are also known as gabeboard or vergeboard.

Check throat

In many cases the windowsill has a cut in its underside, to make sure that the water won’t reach the wall. This cut is known as the check throat.


Usually high walls have such items, because the clestory is a series of windows in case of these walls.


This is a part of the roof that is pointy in order to divert the falling rainwater in case of the chimney and it is part of the main roof.


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