German, But Oh So Stylish And Functional

Germans are well known for being experts in mixing functionality with elegance and style in all fields.

House design is not an exception. Take this building for example: situated by a river, in the middle of a meadow, it makes the best out of the geographical position, which makes it perfect for the residence house that it is.

You might be surprised to find that it is built out of one block of stone (a monolith which also comes with an insulated structure thanks to its nuclear genesis); that, combined with the perfect cubic shape and the resistant building technique make it both a great appearance and a highly comfortable place to live in.

You can also observe how well does the color match the green surroundings and how the relatively lonely space is transformed into a relaxing ambiance. The camouflage facade is built out of smooth concrete, while the outskirts find a good match in its tones of calm light brown and its sharp edges.

The external walls’ strong point is precisely their attentively calculated dimension: no more and no less than 15 cm; the interiors of the house were created with inserted wall boards of anodized aluminum. Here are some of the traits of what one can call “the house of the future”.

Source: homedit


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