Floating, Self Sustainable Home Of The Future

Floating homes are the dream of the 21 century design and architecture. Building a floating home and equipping it with solar panels and sustainable green devices – this is what the designers call “a home of the future”.

floating home 1

Recently there are many projects, but one of them grabbed the attention with its unusual ideas and superior design. The project of RAFAA Architecture & Design is already an award winner, but what really matters is that it represents the perfect floating home, which was ever created.

The name of this futuristic floating home is the “Last Resort”. This is very suitable, since the home is equipped to survive even the end of the world.

floating home 2

Built with two floors, the home is entirely moved by mechanical devices and its building material is sustainable. The house that looks more like a spaceship is offering the maximum in functional options, as the energy is only green.

floating home 3

The second floor of it offers living space, kitchen bathroom and bedroom, as they are divided by screens. In the next few years, the “Last Resort” will be released as a mass production. So far, its creators are trying to improve their project with more green ideas.

The interior style of this floating beauty will be futuristic and simple.


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