Italian Space Saving Furniture

In case you are looking for Italian space saving furniture for sure you know that the main idea is to think outside the box. You don’t necessarily have to give up things but you have to make them in a more compact form so that they will have the same function but they will require less space.

Italian Space Saving Furniture

Make it Compact

As one of the ideas you could have a closet and some storage space and on top of it you may build the bed. The main closet should be higher than the rest of the storage space, so that there will be some room left for a writing desk as well. Naturally there will be need for some stairs too to make the bed and the desk accessible.

Cover the Beds

If you follow the idea of the previous Italian furniture for space saving, you should build writing desks and closets and cabinets ‘on top of the beds’. This means that the bed frames need to be movable so that you can pull them out. As a result you will save the space that you would otherwise need for the beds.

Bunk Bed Style

When thinking about the Italian space saving furniture, you might follow the bunk bed concept. Build a storage unit made of cabinets and drawers and add on top of it the bed that can be accessed with the help of a ladder. You can also have something like a desk above the drawers.

Make it Girly

For a girly touch to the Italian furniture that can save space you could have the desk and some shelves above the bed. Again, the desk can be accessed through a couple of stairs. Make sure to add rails to the sides so that the child will be safe when using the desk.

More than a Bunk Bed

In case you are interested in the Italian space saving furniture, consider a new kind of bunk bed. Have the bottom bed hidden under a couple of shelves. On top of that comes the top bed that can be accessed through stairs.

Double up

If you have two girls or two boys, you will need to know about the Italian space saving furniture. Have two beds and add under them some storage space like cabinets or drawers.


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