Tips on How to Give Your Furniture Another Life

There are a lot of people who would like to get some new pieces of furniture but they can’t afford them. It is also possible that you are one of those people who don’t like to throw things away, and so it is just perfect for you to bring the old furniture to new life.

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Toy chest

Your kids may be craving for a new toy chest, and for this purpose it is just perfect to use an old kitchen cabinet. In case you don’t have one, for sure you will find a few at salvage or second-hand stores. The back side will be the bottom, and the door will be the lid. All you have to do is to add strips and attach casters. In order to make sure that the lid stays open while the little one is looking for toys, you should also add a safety hinge.

For safety it is a good idea to put rubber bumpers to the corners of the box too. The original top and bottom will need some finishing, and you could also glue pieces of carpet squares.

A new headboard

You can create the feeling of a totally new bedroom if you change your headboard to something new and special. For this you can use an old door that you can find at flea markets for a bargain. The first thing you have to do is to trim the door to have the right size for the bed.

Get rid of the hardware, then strip and sand the door. Repaint the door according to the style of the bedroom and cover the holes where the hardware used to be. For mounting the headboard all you need is simpson brackets. You can bolt the headboard to the bed, but you could also hang it using a cleat hanger.

Picture this

You might be looking for a new frame for the pictures, and one of the most creative ideas is to be using window frames for this purpose. Get rid of the old paint and then apply a layer of polyurethane coating to expose the wood that has been hiding under the paint.

Also you have the possibility to paint or stain the wood. You will also need mat board of the right size and some core foam. You can find all the things you need in just any arts and crafts store.


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