The Main Furniture Styles You Should Consider For a House Upgrade in 2012

A house upgrade is always an important step in people’s lives, and one of the most important aspects that they have to decide on is the style of the furniture. Most probably you know about the most common styles, but maybe you are looking for something different.

Mid-century modern

In this case the style of the house is characterized by natural shapes and simplicity. In the majority of the cases we can see large windows and usually there are no walls that would divide the space. The main point of this style is to bring the outdoors indoors. This way you can create a fresh yet cozy home.


This is a furniture style that is really popular in our days. There is no need for all the items in the house to have an Asian vibe. You can bring this feeling to your home through certain objects, such as vases with Asian motifs, brass sculptures, tatami mats, gold furniture upholstery or bamboo shades.


If you are thinking about modern furniture, you should think about the items that come with rounded and softened lines. These items are supposed to have neutral colors. It is common for us to find black and grey items. In order to add some life to the house you should also have pops of color.


There are some people who just can’t decide which style they like the most, and for them eclectic is the most suitable style. This style makes it possible for you to have items from different periods that together have an organized look because of the finish, texture, color or pattern.

Cottage style

If you would like to have some decorative furniture, this is the right style for you. In the majority of the cases this style requires a fireplace and display shelves to set the tone. The best thing you could do is to use a neutral and pastel color palette. There is no need to use too many accessories, but they should all be of the same hue.


The country furniture design is known for the visual warmth that it offers. If you opt for some bold colored furniture, you should tone them down through the color of the walls. When it comes to the accessories, you could be thinking about wooden stairs. The rug that you choose should have the same colors as the rest of the objects in the room.


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