The House In The Forest But Coming From Another Dimension

This Villa reminds one of the Lego blocks a child plays with. They stack the blocks in an uneven manner to create their own fantasy structures. This stunningly designed villa has been created with three levels stacked in three different directions to maximize the natural view of the forest.

The villa enjoys the serene beauty of the dune forests in Bloemendaal. This Dutch beauty has been designed keeping in mind nature’s bounty on different levels.

Each of the levels has partial glass walls to enjoy the nature. The lowest level is witness to the frolicking of rabbits, the second level takes you closer to the nesting birds and tree creatures like the squirrels and the third drinks in the vast openness of the serene blue skies.

The house has been designed keeping in mind not just the natural views but also to bring the nature physically closer. Each of the rooms is blessed with an open terrace thanks to the creative floor plan and stacking of the three levels. The different angles not only present an interesting elevation but also the opportunity to bring nature closer.

Designed amidst the forests, this villa takes optimum advantage of the natural bounty around, in terms of views and the great outdoors.

Source:  Hofmandujardin


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