Summer Is The Time To Spring Clean Your Home Exterior

gutter cleaningSpring is usually welcomed after the cold dreary days of winter have passed, but unfortunately with spring comes spring cleaning which most homeowners do welcome quite so brightly.

However, once you finish spring house cleaning you will feel much better about your home as it radiates the same brightness that you feel when you step out the door.

Once spring is over you need to be sure to apply the same spring cleaning principles to the outside of your home as well as the inside if you want to get the true effect.

There are three types of cleaning that you should focus on when it comes to the outside of your home: gutter cleaning, window washing, and pressure washing.

Gutter cleaning is necessary to not only clean up the outside appearance of your home, but also in order to keep rainwater from destroying your home by leaking in.

If you do not keep your gutters clean they will not be able to flow and the clogging causes rain to sit or find an alternative way to drip out, which can mean through your roof.

For those who do not want to deal with wet leaves, twigs, and other debris that may be lounging your gutters there is another option outside of ignoring the clutter, hire a professional gutter contractor to take care of it for you. You can also buy gutter guards. has reviews for gutter guards and hundreds more items and services.

At the same time most gutter professionals will repair any damage from the winter as well making them twice as useful.

Window washing is another area that you can take care of yourself or hire someone else to if the idea is very unappealing to you. After a long winter of rain, ice, snow, and sleet that form from the mixture of salt and snow your windows can get very stained and streaked.

Now that spring is here you want to get a full view of the wonders outside the window so why not clean up your windows so that everything inside and out appears to be sparkling clean.

Finally, the last thing that you need to take care of is pressure washing to rid your house’s exterior and paint or siding of the dirt that accumulates from the same elements that affect your gutters and windows.

Pressure washing is much cheaper than replacing your roof, siding, brick or any other substance that needs cleaned around the exterior of your home.

Usually you can either hire a professional or head to a local appliance renter store to rent a power washer to use on your own depending on how much control you want over your spring cleaning.


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