The Inflatable Movie Screen – Is It For You?

inflatable movie screenAn inflatable movie screen can make sense for many people, who are looking for a versatile movie experience that can be outdoors or indoors, or for those who are looking to have a community theater option, such as in an apartment building or for events like parties, church events, grad-nights, festivals etc.

Some inflatable screens are such that one can also project images or movies from any computer or laptop directly to the TV screen.

It makes a lot of sense for those people who have access to a lot of outdoor space, or a pool, since this is the kind of screen that is easily portable to different locations and inflated at the given venue.

These huge screens that come in two sizes mainly; 8 feet and 12 feet are an excellent option for when there is a poolside barbecue planned or a family reunion planned out of doors.

An inflatable home theater such as this one here would cost about $900 and includes a pair of 100-watt amplified speakers air pump which promises to inflate it in minutes and other things like ground stakes ground sheet, adjustable screen straps as well as volume control.

So for those that like the outdoors and also like watching the TV or movies this may be just the thing.


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