Do Not Hold Back On Home Theater Speaker Systems

home theater speaker systemsPurchasing a home theater system can be an overwhelming task once you sit down to think how much everything is going to cost.

With the price of a receiver ranging from hundreds to several thousand dollars and an LCD projector or plasma screen can cost thousands on its own, you may be ready to settle for second best once you purchase these components.

However, after spending all this money on a perfect home entertainment system it would be a shame to have to deal with bad audio sound because you did not consider speakers as well.

As speakers can be a tricky field to navigate here are a few suggestions to help guide you.

Well, the good news is since there are so many speakers to choose from you do not have to purchase high end speakers in order to receive high end quality audio which is a definite plus from the start.

Next, now that you can place your speakers into your budget you need to know what you should be looking for when it comes to speakers for your home theater system.

As a base point, a 5.1 setup is a nice middle range for a six speaker set up but in order for this to work you have to keep in mind that you will also need to make sure your receiver is 5.1 compliant otherwise you will not get the full benefits of a full sound system.

You can take one step up and choose to use a 7.1 setup but it will be more costly so listen to both before you decide which the best choice is for you and your budget.

Before proceeding, you need to know what all you get with a 5.1 setup, which is a center speaker, two standalone speakers, subwoofer, and a right and left speaker.

For those who may think that choosing each speaker out may be overwhelming, you can also simply choose to get a home theater system that is prepackaged into one box.

However, by analyzing them separately you get more options and are more likely to get not only a better deal, but the exact sound that you desire.

There are many details to explore once you get into purchasing each speaker, but before you delve too much in depth a general rule of thumb is to spend the most on the three front speakers (right, left, center), then a good subwoofer, and then the last two smaller satellites.

Keep in mind that before you make any purchases calculate how much space you have in your house because you do not want to overcrowd your room with speakers!


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