Some Of The Best Home Theatres In The World

Gone are the days then a TV was just a TV; a TV is high definition, it is plasma, LCD, etc, etc. Also gone are the days that you put a video cassette into a VCR and watched a movie.

Now are the days of the home theater; this is all about outsize screens to rival any multiplex screen, about a surround sound system that faithfully renders and amplifies every nuance of the film’s soundtrack making for an optimal viewing experience.

The home theater is also about the setting, the seating, ambience, furniture and here are some home theaters that make an extraordinary experience of the process of movie viewing right at home:

drivein home theater

Featured there is a drive in home theater, which though spectacular, may not  make a lot of sense to some people because one may not really see the point of driving into your own home to see a film. But for those that have the cash to spare; well why not! And there’s the black and white classic Casa Blanca for you!

poolside cinema

Here is this pool side outdoor home theater designed and installed by Crown Audio in Orlando, Florida which is rather fabulous. The huge 300-inch screen is set on a motorized track to raise or lower it accordingly and the system uses 8 large speakers concealed as rocks, placed in strategic locations around the pool! Makes for quite a pool party!

reversible screen

Now this indoor/outdoor home theatre with a reversible screen (viewable from inside the house as well as outside the house) is sheer genius!  So on a cold day you can watch the new romcom indoors with a cup of hot chocolate or you can be putting in the garden at the same time as watching an old favorite!


The award for sheer classiness probably goes to this one. Here one can just spend a wonderful evening by the poolside listening to all your favorite music if you don’t want to actually watch something on the big screen. And there is the step down pool for when one wishes for a dip.


Now how many of us know that there is anything such as an inflatable home theatre; but apparently there is! This gigantic screen is 16 ft. by 13 ft. in size, and it includes a DVD player, high-output DLP projector, dual 15-inch speakers with stands, microphone, and all of the required cables. So here’s to some really innovative home theatres!


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