How To Use Flowers Around Your Home To Give It A Whole New Look?

flower arrangementFlowers aren’t used enough in people’s homes. Sure, they’re expensive but they can also be affordable from a second-hand or fabrics store. Look around your house and see how many, if any, flowers you have.

Most people don’t have any. Now look at the spaces you have available for flowers; the back of the toilet, top of the stove, kitchen table or breakfast nook, guest room bed stand, home office printer cabinet.

The average person cannot afford to buy fresh flowers every week however you should consider checking out your local farmers market. On weekends my farmers market has beautiful season-appropriate flowers from spring until fall. Usually you can get a bundle for a couple dollars.

If buying fresh flowers weekly is not an option consider going to a second hand store or fabric store and looking at their artificial flower arrangements. Yes there are some tacky artificial flower arrangements out there but there are also very pretty and very organic looking arrangements as well.

I found a precious bundle of what looks like prairie flowers at a little boutique in a strip mall. I put them into a glass vase at home and they’re on my kitchen table.


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